Place names, borders, historical maps

The division handles administrative tasks relating to the Norwegian Place Names Act and administrative borders, and manages historical mapping and aerial photography materials.

Mapping and Cadastre also operates a registry of air traffic obstacles.

The New Cadastre

The division is also responsible for the New Cadastre (matrikkelen), the national property registry, which is continually updated in partnership with the municipalities. The New Cadastre contains information and maps concerning all properties, addresses and buildings in Norway.

The municipalities are in charge of local cadastral services and are responsible for entering information into the registry. The Norwegian Mapping Authority is the central cadastral authority with responsibility for the development, operation and administration of the New Cadastre.

The Norwegian Mapping Authority is also responsible for training, guidance and inspection in regard to the way in which the municipalities enter data into the registry.

Maps and map data

The division is responsible for updating and administering the national map databases N50-N5000 Map Data, the topographical national map series Norway 1:50 000, a nationwide terrain model and coordination and operation of the National Programme for Orthophotography.

Twelve regional cadastral offices

The Mapping and Cadastre Division is based at the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s headquarters in Hønefoss, but also has twelve regional cadastral offices, ranging from Kristiansand in the south to Vadsø in the north.

The regional cadastral offices coordinate work on geographical information which is provided locally by the various municipalities and public agencies.


The Mapping and Cadastre Division plays an important role in regard to coordinating and facilitating work on planning, area, environmental and community information at both national and regional levels. This is a partnership between the municipalities, regions and other public operators.