Cooperation on establishing a digital archive project for the two cadastre and mapping agencies in Bosnia and Herzegovina started in 2012, and while a digital archive has been implemented and is in use in the Republic Authority, where the system is similar to that which is in place for Sweden; The DA system has yet to be installed and rolled out to the municipalities for FGU, where the administration of such as system is similar to Norway. The Federation has 79 municipalities in total, and it is expected that 35 of these will install the DA system by 2020.

The visitors received presentations about the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s workflow for scanning and storage of old and new documents, as well as guided tours of the areas where property registration documents are received, processed and archived. It was a good opportunity for direct knowledge exchange through question and answer periods and seeing demonstrations of examples.

The study visit was filled with fruitful discussions and exchange of experiences, and the visitors found it to be useful. We at the Norwegian Mapping Authority thank the group for a very positive attitude, high level of interest and solid competence making the visit successful and look forward to continue the cooperation.

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