License for the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s free products

The Norwegian Mapping Authority’s open data are licensed under under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

The data can be shared and adapted freely, also for commercial purposes. The user must give appropriate credit according to CC BY 4.0, which includes using ©Kartverket and a link to our homepage,, if possible.

Some of the products are protected by copyrights, some have database protection, and some have expired.
As stated in CC BY, these only include protected products, and the requirement of source reference is therefore only applicable if the product is protected, or if the name must be mentioned for other reasons (generally accepted business practice).

For products with database protection, e.g. Sentralt stedsnavnregister (SSR - the Central
Register of Place Name), use of the entire product, or essential parts of it must be marked with the correct source reference. This does not apply to the use of single parts of information. In the case of systematic use of single parts of information, the source must be stated by e.g.: “all place names are obtained from SSR ©Kartverket”, and a link to


The Norwegian Mapping Authority’s free products are distributed as is. The Norwegian Mapping Authority is not liable for claims arising out of the use of the maps. Users are advised to use due diligence and consideration for equipment and terrain.

Users must be aware that maps are not always consistent with the terrain, and any use must occur with due caution and consideration to equipment and physical conditions.

Terms for use of services

Some services are subject to technical limitations, which will appear on the individual service. Furthermore, if not otherwise stated, the rules, regulations, and related guidelines of the Norwegian Spatial Data Act apply.

Some services contain data from external services with additional data which the user is required to respect.

WMS services
ServiceLicense for external data
wms.dybderelieffpolar_v02 GEBCO
wms.europa VMAP0
wms.gebco_skyggerelieff GEBCO


Cache services
ServicesLicense for external data
Europa VMAP0
EGK (Europa grunnkart) EEA
Barents_watch GEBCO

Historical maps

For historical maps the following details must be included in reproductions:

  • Place of original map (Kartverket/Norwegian Mapping Authority)
  • Map name/number
  • Name of cartographer
  • Year

Example of crediting: Kartverket (Norwegian Mapping Authority): Rectangle measurement: 1:50 000, 19A-1, Ltn. C. Lund, 1847.

CC BY does not apply to the products which are public domain. Historical maps older than 100 years are considered public domain. We still request that the users make the appropriate credit out of respect for the makers of these creations.