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Se havnivå

Se havnivå provides information about sea level, tide tables, reference levels, and land uplift for the Norwegian coast.

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Web Tool for Mapping Storm Surge and Sea-Level Rise

See consequences of sea level changes in an interactive map.The web tool "Se havnivå i kart" visualize present-day storm surge levels and future sea level rise. The data and maps illustrate the potential scale of inundation.

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Tidal forecast for the next two days (high tide / low tide)

How to understand the predictions

The tide table lists heights and associated times for all high and low waters in 16 standard ports, and time and height corrections for approximately 200 secondary ports.

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For effective coastal management, it is important to understand how sea levels will change in the future.

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An API for the tidal water and water level data at Se havnivå is available, and our widget makes it possible to show tidal forecasts directly on your website.

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